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WR Takes on the Run WRS Half

On February 22, the entire Women’s Running editorial staff is taking to the streets of San Diego to race our sister race Women’s Running Series San Diego Half Marathon. We’ve never run a race together (for some of us this will be our first 13.1-miler!) and we are all pretty excited about the entire shebang. Leading up the big day, we’ll be sharing our reasons for running and our very best racing tips.

Caitlyn Pilkington
Associate Editor

I’m racing. . .with my roommate for her first half marathon! She told me she wanted to do a half marathon for her 27th birthday, which is the following day, and I told her I wanted to run with her and be her loud (or silent) cheerleader as she cruises through the finish line. I learn something new about running, racing and life every time I’ve raced with or cheered for another person—she’s already taught me loads on determination and dedication simply through her training. I can’t wait for race day, especially for our roomie “clink” of the glasses at the finish line.

Dream-big goal. . .I want to use this race to prepare for a PR performance at a local race later in the year that shares a similar course. I don’t have any time goals—just mental preparation ones!

Most psyched on. . .The pancake-flat course! I think it’s going to be perfect for my roommate and great opportunity to cheer on my fellow run-gals without huffing up any hills.

Race-day must-haves. . .I always drink one Ensure before every race (superstition from when I was battling a colitis flare-up) and wear a racer back tank (Nike has been my fave lately) and my lucky SockGuy socks. A new must-have are my Schwings from my sister!

Best advice. . . Trust your body. Regardless of your training, your body knows best what you can do. I recently adhered to Jessie’s advice as well—I ran by feel and trusted my body without wearing a watch, and it resulted in a 4-minute PR!