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WR Takes On The Run WRS Half

On February 22, the entire Women’s Running editorial staff is taking to the streets of San Diego to race our sister race Women’s Running Series San Diego Half Marathon. We’ve never run a race together (for some of us this will be our first 13.1-miler!) and we are all pretty excited about the entire shebang. Leading up the big day, we’ll be sharing our reasons for running and our very best racing tips.

Nicki Miller
Managing Editor

I’m racing. . .to celebrate being cancer-free. When I was going through breast cancer treatments last year, I couldn’t exercise and run as much as I had been, so once I was able, I wanted to get back in shape. I’ve been following the “Couch to Half Marathon” training plan from the May 2013 issue and it’s been great!

Dream-big goal. . .My training partner and I haven’t been focused as much on time as on mileage, but if we could maintain 10-minute miles, we’d be thrilled.

Most psyched on. . .The course! It’s in beautiful, sunny San Diego and it’s pancake flat. Fingers crossed for no wind!

Race-day must-haves. . . My training partner! We’ve been so evenly matched since we started running together in the late fall, I can’t imagine the day without her.

Best advice. . . Enjoy race day. I’ve always been a fan of training hard so there’s less pain on race day. If you have to take it a little easier on the big day, it’s better than risking injury.