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Best Drinks for your Budget

We took a look at popular foods for runners to see what you get for your money. First up- electrolyte drinks.

When you need a little more than water to rehydrate (i.e., on steamy days or for runs lasting longer than an hour), there is an ever-growing number of bevs that deliver the necessary electrolytes and carbs.

Budget: Tablets

The latest addition to the sports drink market has you mix your own—a welcome option for those who like their liquid with a side of good conscience (reuse those bottles!) and savor lower cost per serving.

Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes Fizz Tube ($5): $0.38 per serving
GU Electrolyte Brew Drink Mix ($6.50): $0.54 per serving
Nuun On-the-Go Drink Mix ($6.50): $0.54 per serving

Average Price: $0.49 per serving

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