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How You Fell In Love With Running

Whether or not Valentine’s Day is one of your favorite holidays, we can all agree it is the perfect day to celebrate our love of running! We asked on Facebook and Twitter how you fell in love with running. There were so many great responses. Below are just a few, but check out our Facebook and Twitter  pages to read all of them. Use these as inspiration to fall in love with running all over again today.

“I felt that feeling of, ‘Wow, I just ran farther/faster than I ever have before! How much farther/faster can I go next time?!’” – Jamie Conklin Larche 

“Early morning long runs with my closest friend (who became my husband) while we were deployed to Iraq.” – ‏‪@nycrunningmama

“My husband had started running and I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could start running and share this journey with him. I never did anything athletic in my life. Of course he was shocked!! But he helped me believe that I could do this. I am loving my accomplishments!! Looking to see what races we will do in 2014! “ – Gisele Roy

“I fell in love with running when I realized it gave others hope like my parents and my grandparents. They always supported me. ” – @carmscar  

I always secretly admired running, but could never work up the courage to try to get with running. I went from one bad relationship to another; elliptical, stair stepper, stationary bike. I always ended up with a broken heart and a broken gym membership. Then, after two kids and 30 extra pounds had me feeling like I’d never find “the one,” running came from out of nowhere and swept me off my feet. We did out first 5k together, and I was hooked. This March will be our two year anniversary.” – Jen VanDerburgh

“After my first child was born running provided a time during the day just for me… which then made me a better mom!” – ‪@scotijo  

“When I crossed the finish line on my first half-marathon, and realized I was stronger than I thought, and that nothing was impossible.” – April Hayes 

Fell in love with running at age 13, especially with the way running makes me discover I’m stronger than I think, every time.” – ‪@jessiebiele

“20 years ago found the love of running. A few injuries in between but back loving it. Run every day inside or out but no greater feeling than plugging your music in and going out there with the freedom to go anywhere whenever. It’s a way of life for me now. Love it.”  – Samantha Clark 

I wanted to write “8 min mile” on my life list. I made it 20 seconds. 4 yrs later, I run EVERY day, do Ultras, & train others.” – ‏‪@TheKashaShow

How did you fall in love with running? Tell us your story by sending a tweet to @womensrunning.