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Girl Talk- Staying Grounded

By now, many have seen this video. If not, take a moment to watch Chelsea, a runner, give an interview to a local news crew about how the perfect snowy running conditions, only to immediately fall.

Now if this bought about a little bit of laughter mixed with a lot of concern, rest assured. Chelsea was fine. She even laughed, a lot, about her fall. Perhaps the reason we laugh along with her is not out of maliciousness. It is because we have all been in Chelsea’s place at some point.

This weekend I planned an ambitious, if not a bit silly, long run. 30 kilometers to celebrate entering my 3rd decade. Long runs are my favorite training run of the week. Regardless, this was not an easy feat. The first half was spent trying to shake out the cobwebs of an early wake up. The second half focused on staying strong while constantly climbing hills. But with half a mile to go, I began to get excited. I was about to accomplish my goal. As I was cruising through the last downhill toward home, I started to reflect on my last year of running; the goals that went unmet and the changes I wanted to make. Optimism and pride swelled in me. If I could accomplish this goal, then this was going to be the start of a great year of running.

Just as I was mid-wistful thought, my foot slipped on a patch of ice. I found myself sprawled on the sidewalk, limbs flying everywhere. After taking a quick inventory of the situation- my iPhone wasn’t cracked (priorities), but had a pretty bloody knee and hand- I laid there for a moment to just laugh at the perfect timing of the fall. Just as I was at my most optimistic, I was quickly knocked to the ground. The good news was that knee was bruised but my ego wasn’t.  I got up and finished my last half mile, happy I was not hurt but laughing the rest of the way home.

It is funny how the world can keep you grounded- in the most literal sense at times. It is how we get up and continue that matters.

Have you had a funny situation, like a fall, happen on a run? Help me feel better about my klutziness and share  your running mishaps with me by tweeting them to @womensrunning