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5 Tips to Keep Working Out During the Holidays!

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Let’s face it – the holidays can wreak havoc on the best laid fitness plans. Between marathon shopping days to holiday parties, time can slip right by making it difficult to fit in regular work outs. You don’t have to fall prey to the holiday rush – take our tips to stay healthy during the busiest time of year!

1. Seriously consider A.M. workouts. Normally you might be an evening runner, but we all know that the holidays incite lots of nighttime festivities. Avoid temptation to skip a run because the day got away from you by running first thing in the morning. The cooler weather might make your pillow a tad bit more inviting, but you’ll never regret a run once it’s done.

2. Map your route ahead of time. Whether you’re traveling to visit family or simply exploring a new city, plan to see the sights by foot. A little prior planning goes a long way to ensure a good route. If staying with family or friends, ask them to help you plan a course to match your desired distance. If hotel accommodations are more your style, ask the concierge for nearby paths to meet your needs!

3. Healthy bribes. While the holidays bring a lot of joy, they are usually accompanied with not-so-fun errands and chores. Make a deal with yourself that after you accomplish some work, you’ll lace up for a quick run. Not only will you be doing something good for your health, but the break will rejuvenate your spirit!

4. Consider registering for race. There’s nothing like a goal to motivate your training! By signing up for a race during or immediately following the holidays, it will be easier to stay focused an convince yourself to put in the miles in preparation for the start-line.

5. Recruit a running partner. Positive peer pressure is a beautiful thing. Making dates with a run buddy will help you stay the course and continue your training when other obligations might be pulling you away. Plus, the true essence of the holidays is enjoying time with family and friends – so instead of another dinner or happy hour, take your celebration to the street with a good sweat session!

What tips do you have to continue training during busy times?  Let us know here ow tweet us @WomensRunning and we’ll share your tips!