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Here’s A Daily Skincare Routine For 4 Different Skin Types

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As a runner, you know what you need to do to get your body in tip-top shape. However, there is one part of you that could probably use a little TLC: your face. Outdoor running can be harsh on your complexion due to intense sun and wind exposure. According to dermatologists, the best way to prevent damage is to discover your skin type and find products to match.

STEP 1: Find Your Skin Type

Not sure what sort of skin you have? Here’s an easy guide to the four most common types:

Dry…Your skin typically feels parched and tight after you wash it. Even if you moisturize in the morning, patches will become flaky within a few hours. You also tend to have chapped lips.

Oily…Your face is oily almost all over. It’s not unusual for you to have to blot or powder several times a day to keep shine at bay.

Combination…Your nose, chin and forehead are oily, but the skin around your eyes and your cheeks often feels dry.

Sensitive…Your cheeks flush easily and you experience a burning sensation when you wear certain products.

STEP 2: Develop a Daily Skincare Routine

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