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5 Quick And Easy Running Form Drills You Should Be Doing

Want to run healthy and strong for a lifetime? Try these five form drills to improve alignment and remain injury-free!

PICTURE THIS: You strike a curb while driving your car. One-thousand miles later, you take your car in for a checkup to find your tires show signs of early and uneven wear. The mechanic recommends an alignment to put everything back in working order.

NOW IMAGINE THIS: After a run, you feel an ache in your calf. Instead of focusing on the root of the problem, you take a few days off and pop a few Advil. As soon as the pain subsides, you start running again. Within a few weeks, the ache returns.

Similar to uneven tire wear, discomfort during running is often rooted in misalignment. And like car maintenance, it’s important to perform routine checkups to monitor the position of your moving parts.

So how can you improve your form? It’s easy! Simply dedicate 15 minutes a week to form drills that support proper positioning. By isolating and perfecting different motions in each exercise, you will train muscles to automatically replicate correct form during your normals runs and workouts.

Workout Guideline:

Always warm up with a short run (at least one mile) before starting the form drills. Aim to perform these exercises one or two times per week.

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