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Girl Talk: 11 Things Only Runners Will Understand

I’ve said it here before: I’m head over heels in love with running. And while I do have a lot of friends who share my affinity, not everyone I hang with finds the same joy in pounding the pavement as I do. Since running isn’t a requirement for my friendships, I find myself in one of two situations when it comes to girlfriends: either they get it, or they don’t. No disrespect to those who don’t get it, but I often find myself giggling inside when conversation with these friends turns to my latest run adventure.

In honor of all my runner-girls, I compiled a short list of things only runners understand.

Real Runner-Girl Talk

1. I will spend triple digits on the perfect pair running shoes, but only shop the sale rack for work shoes.

2. 99.9% of my Facebook posts are running-related. I make no apology for being an enthusiastic runner. It’s my happy place.

3. Not every race I run is a marathon (this one is for you, mom). A marathon is 26.2 miles. Sometimes I run a 5K or even a 10-miler. Racing does not always equal marathon distance.

4. My Instagram is filled with shoe-selfies from different trails I run. Scrolling through pics of my funky running shoes surrounded by nature inspires me to lace up one more time.

5. Just because I run does not mean I’m fast or that I win races (and P.S. I’m perfectly OK with that!). I run to do something good for me and I’m proud to call myself a runner, no matter what my pace is.

6. I will pee in the woods when nature calls. And in desperate times, I may take it one step further. When I walk out of the woods with only one sock on, don’t judge—GI problems cannot always be ignored!

7. I won’t wear a race t-shirt until AFTER I cross the finish line of that race. Call me superstitious, but I want to EARN that shirt and then wear it with pride.

8. I’ve been known to get excited about running 26.2 miles, but often have to be talked into driving the same distance.

9. I’m RUNGRY at all times during a training cycle. If you want to keep me happy, make sure eating is on the schedule during the time we hang.

10. The port-o-pottie is no longer something I fear.

11. I will be totally ecstatic when I shave 5 seconds off my mile splits. What’s that mean, you say? Enough said.

Can you relate? What lessons have you found that only your runner friends understand? Let me know here or tweet me @KaraDeschenes!