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Mix It Up: Celebrity Training Ideas!

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Women’s Running Magazine cover model Samantha Harris says the secret to staying in shape is “to do something different every day.” Here are a few of the workouts she mixes into her routine.

Interval Training: When I run I’ll often focus on changing the pace. I’ll jog for a few minutes, sprint for a minute, then go back down to a jog. This keeps me interested and it’s a great way to get your heart rate up.

Treadmill Boot Camp: This class at the gym is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It kicks my butt! I used to think running on the treadmill was boring, and before this class I’d stick to a 4.5 mph pace. Now I sometimes get up to 10.5!

Stair Sprints: With a busy schedule and two little ones, I try to squeeze in mini-workouts when I can. One of my go-tos is to run up and down the stairs in our 10-story parking garage for 20 minutes.

At-Home Videos: I do a variety of videos like cardio boxing and yoga. It’s like going to the gym, but I don’t have to leave my kids.

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