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2 Quick & Easy Strength Training Workouts for Runners!

Photo by James Farrell

“I only have 10 minutes, and I can’t leave the house!” Sounds like a pretty good excuse to skip a workout, right? Wrong! Time is the number-one reason to bail on exercise, whether it’s strength training to complement your run or a stand-alone sweat session. But you can get a lot done in very little time.

Here are two no-excuse workouts that pack a big punch in minimal minutes. With the following exercises, you’ll hit all the major muscle groups from head to toe while building strength, improving core stability and increasing range of motion.

In the bodyweight workout, you will move at a fast pace to spike your heart rate and boost metabolic after-burn. In the dumbbell workout you’ll use weights to get stronger by performing combination exercises that merge multiple movements into one; this circuit requires a set of dumbbells (8 to 20 pounds should do the trick).

Remember, stick to the subscribed rest periods so you can recover fully and give 100 percent on the next exercise. Set the clock and get moving!


Perform the following four exercises for 20 seconds each, resting 20 seconds between each exercise. That’s one circuit. Complete three circuits, resting 20 seconds between each circuit.

Alternating Lateral Lunges

Start Position: Stand with your feet together.

Move: Step out to the side with your right foot as far as you can and bend your right knee to lower into a lateral lunge. Push off the right leg to return to the start position. Perform a lunge on the left leg, then repeat for 20 seconds, alternating legs.

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