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Girl Talk: Reflective Run Gear!

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With daylight savings right around the corner, I’ve putting some reflective run gear to the test. Though I’d love to be a morning runner, the reality of my life right now is that I typically run after work. And while daylight savings initially bestows an extra hour of playtime, it also bumps up sunset making it dark during my normal run time.

I don’t mind sweating it out after dark as long as I have a partner (a four-legged run buddy fits the bill too) and the right gear. Sticking to my neighborhood for nighttime runs means I often battle post-work traffic as people find their way home. Keeping safety first, reflective gear with a fashionable touch tops my list of must-haves every fall season. Check out four of my favorites from this year’s line-up of reflective run gear, perfect for early morning or nighttime running!

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