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Women’s Running Reader Run Thoughts!

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From finish line glory to race gear envy, it’s clear our readers have a wide variety of thoughts while running! Check out some of the best #RunThoughts Women’s Running readers have while pounding out the miles!

Everything from “I got this, it’s in the bag” to “I’m going to die, why did I sign up for this?” – Rachael C. 

What have I gotten myself into, AGAIN?!?! – Melody K.

OMG…this is crazy, but I love it so I must be crazy too! – Susan H.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. – Michelle G.

Where’s that damn port-o-potty? – Kathrina C.

I think about how lucky I am that I can run! – Melissa S.

Is that a rock in my shoe or a blister? Why do my toenails hurt so bad? Does this station have GU? Oh I shouldn’t have eaten that GU. Why are there so many hills on this run? Geez, run straight would you? Where’s the stinking finish line? – Sarah E.

I can’t wait to see my kids’ faces at the finish line! – Meredith A.

I am strong, I am victorious, I am a winner! – Patti C.

Is it over yet? And then when I finish I’m thinking, when can I do this again? – Bella T.

Checking out the running shoes …oh how cute those are, wonder where she found those?! – Susie S.

I imagine I get $1,000 for each step I take, then I daydream about how I’d spend all that money! – Christina I.

A day may come when I will give up, but today is NOT that day! – Jessica W.

The after party. – Vini R.

Beating every man in my age bracket!!! – Denise P.

I’m overdressed. No, now I’m cold! I hate this song, why is it still in my playlist? I miss my dad. I wonder if he can see me. I wish I could fit a chalupa in my vest pocket instead of one more freaking clif shot block! Ack, people, move to the right if you have to stop and walk!! I could go on and on!! – Karin W.

What’s your favorite #RunThought? Let us know here or tweet us @WomensRunning!