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Run Las Vegas: 6 Must-See Nevada Routes!

Las Vegas is more closely associated with sparkle and debauchery than hydration and hill repeats. But if you venture out in the daytime hours, you will discover that peeking out from behind the extravagant casinos are miles of beautiful single-track trails. In a town better known for poker players and showgirls, Las Vegas boasts a thriving community of health-conscious runners.

“There are so many amazing, well-maintained trails to explore in the area,” says marathoner Casey Chernesky, a Vegas native for 14 years. “The scenery and overlooks are stunning, and I am often greeted by many other runners and cyclists.”

Whether traveling to Las Vegas for business or pleasure, options abound for staying active during your trip. Before you don stilettos and dance the night away at one of the many clubs on the Las Vegas Strip, lace up your trainers and explore the heavenly side of Sin City. Try our six favorite routes. . .

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