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Happy National Run at Work Day (Plus 4 Tips to Run Now!)

Trade those high heels for running shoes today! Photo courtesy of
Trade those high heels for running shoes today! Photo courtesy of

Today marks the 8th Annual RUN@WORK day promoted by the Road Runners Club of America. Though we believe everyday is the perfect day to run at work, Women’s Running is issuing a challenge to get out and move today!

Grab your co-workers and leave that pile of never-ending memos behind with these easy tips to get your run on. . .

-Pre- or post- work run. What’s better than a day dedicated to RUN@WORK? A day dedicated to RUN@WORK that happens to fall on a Friday! Celebrate the end of the week by getting sweaty before or after work. Post-run endorphins are the perfect appetizer for the weekend!

-Mid-day jaunt. Mix up your regular lunch routine with a noontime run. If you’re worried about getting too sweaty (and don’t have a locker room available to freshen up), grab the girls and head out for a brisk walk. Today’s all about being active – so any form of running/walking counts in our book!

-When in doubt, SHOP! Looking for instant run motivation? Nothing gets us moving like new gear. If pre-work or mid-day running isn’t conducive for your schedule, why not hit up a local sports shop for a little splurge. From new shoes to your favorite gel flavor, the anticipation of putting your purchase to good use will spark your run after punching your time card for the day!

-Redefine happy hour. Sure, a few drinks with friends might help you start the weekend out giddy, but running truly is the best happy hour. Set a time after work to meet up for a quick run. You won’t regret this Friday night fun!

How are you celebrating RUN@WORK Day?