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Run Gear: Race-Ready Outfits!

Photo by John Mireles

Have a race on your schedule but not a thing to wear? We have a recipe for race-day perfection: Start with lightweight, performance-worthy pieces, then sprinkle on a reminder of your inner strength. These outfits will help you hustle up, have fun and get your sass on. And when the time comes to sprint down the final stretch, everyone will know you are ready to race. You may even motivate others to follow you to the finish!

Lucy Fast As You Can Singlet

Finally! No more safety-pin snags in your favorite race shirt. This flirty singlet comes prepared with reinforced holes. $59,

New Balance 2-in-1 Short

A hidden boy short liner ensures you’ll be running chafe-free on race day. $48,

Endure XIII.I Necklace

Your own personal “push present” for making it through the final miles— you’ve earned it! $68,

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