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Women’s Running Best Fuel Awards!

Photo by Scott Draper

You may not think that glitz, glamor and gel packets belong in the same sentence – but these tasty treats will prove you wrong. We’re rolling out the red carpet to give our favorite fuels their delicious due!

Best Low-Cal

Pure Bar Ancient Grains Triple Berry Nut 

Why we it. . .A wholesome flavor, a short list of ingredients we can pronounce and a slightly spicy kick make this 160-calorie bar a winner.

What it tastes like. . .Natural fruit flavors (blueberry, apple, strawberry) provide sweetness while quinoa lends a rice crispy-like crunch.

When to eat it. . .When hunger strikes after a short run, reach for this little four-bite bar. The carbs, good fat and protein will hold you over until your next meal.

Best Protein-Packed

Clif Bar Builder’s Max Cookie Dough

Why we it. . .Aside from giving us an excuse to eat cookie dough, this bar delivers a triple blend of protein that helps weary muscles rebuild in a jiffy.

What it tastes like. . .Clif delivers on the promise of an oâ -the-spatula fl avor, down to the organic chocolate chips that provide satisfying texture.

When to eat it. . .With 30 grams of protein and 380 cals, this bar is tailored for recovery. Cut it in half for a post-workout snack or scarf the whole thing after a long run.

Best Gluten-Free

Picky Bars Smooth Caffeinator

Why we it. . .We dig the by runners, for runners story—the bars were developed by pro-athletes Lauren Fleshman and Steph Rothstein Bruce. Plus they work for gluten-free, lactose intolerant and vegan girls.

What it tastes like. . .The ingredient list doesn’t mention Toblerone bars, Fig Newtons or café au lait—but the bars sure taste like it should. Not-t00-sweet deliciousness.

When to eat it. . .Stock your bedside table with these caffeinated treats for easy access before early a.m. runs.


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