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Run Secrets from Celebrity Jordin Sparks!

Photo by Scott Draper
Photo by Scott Draper

Give Her a Beat! Jordin Sparks shares her run secrets with Women’s Running!

Jordin’s tune-based workout. . .

“I put my iPod on shuffle and let the song’s pace determine my interval. If it’s a slow song, I turn the incline way up and jog to the beat. If a faster song comes on, I turn the incline down and watch the miles fly by.”

Find this on her iPod. . .

“Kanye West, Jay Z, Jazmine Sullivan and Kirk Franklin are on there, and I listen to my boyfriend (Jason Derulo) a lot. I can’t help that—it’s just nice to hear his voice. I’ve also been listening to some new up-tempo stuff of my own that I’m excited for people to hear.”

Her dream running buddy. . .

“Fergie. I’ve seen pictures of her, and she just looks so fashionable and funky. I’m sure she’d just stop in the middle of a run and start dancing.”