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Zipping Up: Habits to Keep Fit!

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Flipping Out host, Jenni Pulos, says these healthy habits help keep her fit.

Stock up. Have ready-made healthy meals on hand so nutritious options are super convenient. “If you have healthy options available when you come home at night, you’re not as likely to want to order pizza,” Pulos says.

Start small. Changing your diet or exercise routine can be intimidating. “It’s easy to think, Oh, I can’t make juice every morning,” Pulos says. “So focus on doing it for one morning. It’s like cleaning your room—if focusing on the whole room makes you feel overwhelmed, start with a drawer.”

Devise a workout plan that fits into your lifethen cut yourself a break. If you can’t get to a gym, Pulos says, look at investing in an exercise bike or a jump rope. And if you skip a few days, drop the guilt and ease back into your routine. “I think we have to try not to be too judgmental of ourselves,” Pulos says. “Just get out there and start again.”