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Freitag’s Fitness Tips!

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Here are four healthy habits that helped professional chef Amanda Freitag slim down:

Read up. “If you can’t afford the investment of a personal trainer, get magazines that have exercises in them,” Freitag says. “There are 100 different ways to work out your triceps, so if one exercise doesn’t work for you,  nd another that does.”

Write it down. Freitag says keeping a food journal (she likes the app “Lose It”) made her aware that she was eating more often than she thought. “It doesn’t have to be tracked in ounces and pounds, but just writing down ‘half a chocolate chip cookie’ can make you realize, ‘I had half a chocolate chip cookie yesterday, so I probably don’t need a cookie today.’”

Substitute. “If you have a sweet tooth, have a piece of fruit or a cup of really lovely tea with honey,” Freitag says.

Ask for help. Freitag often asks other fit friends for advice. She says, “I’m still learning. Hearing other people’s stories motivates me, and helps me realize that getting fit isn’t going to happen overnight.”