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Training Plans: Fastest 10K Ever!

Photo by Travis McCoy

Training Key

Cross Training (XT)
Non-running exercise helps to improve your fitness while preventing burn out. Yoga, elliptical training, biking, swimming and rowing are all great ways to cross train.

Easy Runs (E)
Easy runs help you increase mileage and improve aerobic capacity. Since they also aid in recovery, it’s crucial that you don’t push the pace. Keep your effort comfortable and controlled.

Hill Repeats (HR)
Running hills strengthens your quadriceps, calves, hamstrings and glutes. It also improves your stamina and confidence. Choose a medium-grade hill and run repeats at 5k race effort for the indicated time. Recover in between repeats with an easy jog downhill.

Long Runs (LR)
A 6.2-mile race isn’t shor t, so it’s important to improve your endurance. Long runs should be performed at a fairly comfortable pace. To work on your finishing kick, you’ll end some long runs with a strong finish (SF).

Race Pace (RP)
Run these workouts at your goal 10k pace. In addition to improving your fitness, running at race pace helps you easily settle into that speed on race day. Start and finish these workouts with 10 minutes of easy running.

Strong Finish (SF)
Some long runs end with a strong finish. This will help you mimic the feeling of fatigue that you will inevitably experience at the end of your race. Pick up the pace by about 30 to 45 seconds per mile for the time indicated.

Strength Train (ST)
Strength training makes you stronger and prevents injury. Perform any kind of strength exercises you wish for 20 minutes. This means bodyweight exercises such as pushups and lunges or free weights at the gym.

Tempo Runs (TR)
Tempo runs improve your speed and strength. Start at your easy pace for one mile, then speed up to a pace 10 seconds slower than your goal 10k pace. Run for the designated amount of time at that effort, which should feel “comfortably hard.” Finish with one final mile of easy running.


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