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The Short List: Quick Workout Rules

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Before you rush out the door, take a second to read these quickie workout rules. 

Tip #1: Never skip your warm up or cool down! It might save time by diving straight into your workout, but this approach will backfire by increasing your risk of aches and injuries.

Tip #2: Let your body be your guide. High-intensity workouts should be driven by effort, not a specific pace. Your body will tell you how fast to run. Listen to your breath and muscles to find your perfect pace that day.


Tips #3: Ramp up the intensity gradually. If you are new to high-intensity workouts, start with one per week to see how your body responds. Gradually increase the frequency, performing up to three high-intensity workouts per week.

Tip #4: A two-minute run is better than no run at all. If you only have a few moments to spare, a tiny jog beats sitting on the couch and lamenting your missed workout.

What tips do you have for getting in a quick workout? Let us know here or tweet us @WomensRunning!