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Bust Out of a Running Rut!

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Even the most head-over-heels in love runners fall prey to a running rut at times. Whether post race blues or the monotonous lull of the road has you feeling less enthused, Women’s Running is here to help spice up your routine!

Like any good relationship, a commitment to running requires more than just a proclamation of your love – it commands hard work! Check out these tips to help reaffirm your bond to running today:

Mix it up. Do you head out for the same 3-mile course every time you run? If the answer is yes, it’s time to spice up the routine! Find a new route (try a route mapping site like and change up your scenery. Venturing into a new place will stimulate your senses and make the miles fly by!

Break the boredom. Integrate interval work into your runs to keep your mind active. Try adding sprints in the middle of your run sequence. Not only will you bust boredom, but you’ll sneak in speed work too!

Goal time. Register for a new distance race or set a goal to achieve a new personal record. Put your eyes on the prize and then plan your attack. A new focus will rejuvenate your spirit and provide purpose for your workouts!

Playlist power. If you run with music and can predict the next song to pump through your headphones, it’s probably time to build a new playlist. Adding new songs will keep your mind focused on the tunes and blast out any negativity!

Mind escape. Running is a great time to think about all of life’s happenings, but sometimes it’s nice to just get away. Listening to a book on tape while running is actually a great tool for getting your mind off the task at hand. Immerse yourself in a new adventure and you’ll find yourself enthralled with the lives of the characters!

Reverse psychology. Does the idea of hitting the treadmill send you running the other way (no pun intended!)? Change your thinking by viewing the equipment as a challenge. Start at a comfortable, slow jogging pace and increase your speed 0.1 after each minute. By the end of your run you’ll be sprinting (and dripping in sweat!) the time away.

Recruit friends. There’s nothing a good group of friends can’t cure! Try scheduling a run date with the girls to change up the routine. A good round of girl talk makes time non-existent!


Your turn to chime in – how do you bust out of a running rut?