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Water Stop Pro Guidelines!

If you’ve run a race before, the paper cup is a familiar sight. Is that little cup your friend or enemy? For some, these cups are the dreaded enemy because they mean getting water everywhere but in your mouth. Truth is, there’s a science to drinking out of a paper cup during a run. We’re not talking about chemistry or biology here. We’re talking straight up runner science. Here’s the best way to Keep It In The Cup!

1. Pick up cup from the table or volunteer.

2. Take the cup in your hand and form a “C” with your thumb and pointer finger around the “lip” of the cup.

3.  Gently squeeze the cup  with your thumb and pointer finger to make a “V” shape with one side of the “lip” of the cup.

4. Put the “V” side of the cup to your mouth, and tilt the cup so the “V” guides the water into your mouth.

5. Drink the water.

6.  Discard your cup (preferably in a trash can, but at least try to get it close to the station you picked it up from so the volunteers won’t have to go far to collect all of the trash).

No more messy spills means you can focus on the run!