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Marathon Mania Round Up: 9 Weeks to Go!

Body wash, start lines and oyster sliders. Just another week in Marathon Mania!

The Women’s Running team is definitely in the middle of Marathon Mania. We’re excited to add Contributing Editor, Allison (check out her profile!) to the Marathon Maniac group! Between body wash bribery, snow filled workouts and oyster slider indulgence, these ladies aren’t only running hard, but they are celebrating success along the way! Catch up on their training plans below. . .

Jessie’s training log reveals:
An envy-worthy view
The danger of forgetting socks!
Rest-day indulgence
Couples’ workout time

Kara’s training log details:
Testing out race-day outfit possibility
Why the coach is always right (but never admit it!)
Toughing out the blues
Beautiful bribery

Allison’s training log discloses:
Powder-loving cross training
Rest day rolling
Tele skiing fun
Family race day!

Keep up with the Women’s Running team training logs by checking out MARATHON MANIA each day!


Want to know more about @JessieSebor@KaraDeschenes, and Allison Patillo? Read their profiles now (click here for Jessiehere for Kara and here for Allison) and if you’re training for a marathon this year, we want to hear your story too! Email us at and you could be featured on the site. Happy running!