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Marathon Maniac: Kara Deschenes

Name: @KaraDeschenes
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Position: Editor,
Goal race: Boston Marathon (4/15/13)

1. What is your goal for the marathon?
My goal time 4:15, but my focus is to run strong and soak in the entire experience. Knowing that I ran one of the most historic marathon courses in the world is an epic memory that I will cherish for a lifetime.
2. Where’s your favorite spot to train? I love running an off-road trail near my house. The trail is full of wildlife including deer, alligators, and all kinds of birds– so I have to stay alert at all times. Running there makes me feel extremely present in my run and devoid of any worries.
3. What’s your #1 secret sauce workout? Long runs are my secret sauce. Putting in the miles helps me feel confident and unstoppable.
4. What do you eat before your long runs? I have a fickle stomach, so I have to be very cautious about what I eat before my long runs. I typically stick to oatmeal with crunchy almonds and dried cranberries. It keeps me full without weighing me down or causing tummy issues mid-run.
5. What will crossing the finish line mean to you? The finish line of Boston this year means one thing to me: redemption. After running a less-than-stellar time at last year’s race in the extreme heat, my confidence took a heavy beating. I learned a lot from that race and worked hard to regain faith in my running. I’m ready to train for a marathon again and prove to myself that one race will not define me. I can’t wait to experience the streets of Boston again and cross the finish line knowing that I am strong enough to fight through a tough run.

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