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Marathon Maniac: Jessie Sebor

Name: @JessieSebor
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Position: Editor in Chief, Women’s Running Magazine
Goal race: Boston Marathon (4/15/13); Big Sur Marathon (4/28/13)

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1. What is your goal for the marathon?
I still can’t believe that I’m running two 26.2-milers this spring. Nutty. My goal for my marathons are to PR in Boston (sub-3:18) by running the best race of my life in the state I grew up in—then to come back less than two weeks later and survive the notoriously hilly Big Sur Marathon as I soak in the scenery at the most beautiful race in the country.

2. Where’s your favorite spot to train? Women’s Running is headquartered on a busy street that basically functions as a giant office park: concrete, huge corporations and food courts for miles. You would never guess, but there’s a secret trail behind the buildings that snakes along a canyon. It’s my favorite (and super-convenient) escape.

3. What’s your secret-sauce workout? Tempo runs. Running hard for an extended period without a break gets me physically and, more importantly, mentally strong.

4. What do you eat before your long runs? I have a sensitive stomach, so I can’t eat less than three hours before I run. On long-run mornings, I set my alarm clock for 4 a.m. or so, stuff the granola bar lying on the nightstand in my mouth and go back to sleep for two hours. They don’t call it Marathon Mania for nothing.

5. What will crossing the finish line mean to you? I grew up in Massachusetts and it’s where I first fell in love with running. Finishing strong in Boston in front of my family and friends will feel like I’m taking my relationship with the sport full circle. I’ve never run more than one marathon in a year, so tackling Big Sur just two weeks after Boston is unimaginable to me. Finishing the second 26.2-mile race (if I can do it!) will prove to me that I’m tougher than I thought.