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Marathon Mania Round-Up: 11 Weeks to Go!

74 days until Boston and the Women’s Running team is making progress towards the start-line of the historical race. With 11 weeks to go, Jessie and Kara share their logs and miles (take a look below for a preview!). . .

Jessie’s training log details the struggle of training while traveling. Though her busy schedule presented some challenges, she still managed to score a 5:48 mile (WOW!) and even did some extra cardio at a Macklemore concert. Before heading out on the road, Jessie made pre-hab a priority and displayed her “Ups” with some medicine ball slamming box jumps (check out the video!). . .

Kara’s training log includes four famous figures: Rihanna, Jay-Z, Peppermint Patty and Sir Issac Newton. While Rihanna and Jay-Z helped her turn up the speed, Peppermint Patty made sure she was nourished for her run and Sir Issac Newton kept her injury free. After a stellar week of training, Kara’s lead legs left her feeling a little down and seeking your advice (help a sister out!).

Don’t miss out on their adventures! Stay up-to-date with Jessie and Kara’s daily progress by checking out Marathon Mania!


Want to know more about @JessieSebor and @KaraDeschenes? Read their profiles now (click here for Jessie and here for Kara) and if you’re training for a marathon this year, we want to hear your story too! Email us at and you could be featured on the site. Happy running!