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Jessie’s Training Log: 88 Days to Go

4 miles @ 8:22 pace

My legs were DEAD after last night’s run. I’m still not used to putting that kind of mileage on these puppies. I took it easy and ran around the canyon near my office in the early a.m.

Jessica Sebor

Jessie Sebor is the Vice President of Women's Running at Competitor Group. After finishing her first marathon at age 18, Jessie has run everywhere from Singapore to Prague and competed in hundreds of races including the Boston Marathon and the Bare Dare, for which she won the title of National Nude Running Champion. Jessie’s work appears at, Ultrarunning Magazine and has been selected for Houghton Mifflin’s Best American Essays. A former romance novel editor, it’s at Women’s Running where her true passions lie. You can reach her at