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Allison’s Training: 76 Days to Go

This is what the pool looks like during a meet. I limit my swimming to when there are no buzzers, timers or jeering crowds

Better late than never, here I go! Kind of. My training presents a few challenges. First of all, I live in the mountains of Colorado, which means lots of snow and ice. Winter running can be amazing, as long as you’re prepared. Which brings me to challenge number two — I have plantar fasciitis, so need to be creative with training. Actually, my coach is getting creative, and I try to keep up.

Today was a swim day. A length equals 25 meters and a lap equals 50.

Here’s the breakdown:

200 free

200 choice (chose breast stroke)

200 toast (a drill meant to maximize stroke finish, where you swim freestyle with a kick board sticking out from between your legs like toast popping out of a toaster)

8 x 100 descending number of strokes every 25

8 x 100 pull free (75distance per stroke/25 sprint)

4 x 100 IM drill

8 x 25 fist punch/25 sprint free

200 cool down

A bit waterlogged by the end, but it was a great workout and just what I needed after a hectic week of work and travel.