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  • Run-Walk Half Marathon Training Plans

    By Jenny Hadfield   November 29 2012

    Can’t imagine running 13.1 miles without stopping? No worries! Here’s how to run-walk (or walk-run) to a half marathon finish line. arrow

  • Running Safety Tips: A Reader Story

    By Kara Deschenes and Elizabeth Kalifeh   November 27 2012

    Elizabeth, from Running for the Bling, shares her poignant personal story of an attack she survived during a recent run. arrow

  • Natalie’s Rules: Tips For Staying In Shape

    By Jessica Sebor   November 17 2012

    Today show host Natalie Morales shares her top five tips for staying in killer shape with a hectic schedule. arrow

  • Training Plan: Your First Marathon

    By Brendan Cournane   November 15 2012

    Make those 26.2 dreams a reality! If you can run six miles today, you can become a marathon finisher.arrow

  • Should You Try CrossFit?

    By T.J. Murphy   November 9 2012

    Pull-ups, box jumps, jump squats and deadlifts! CrossFit provides a serious workout—but can it help you become a better runner to boot?arrow

  • Whatever The Weather

    By Jenny Hadfield   November 8 2012

    Get expert advice for dealing with fickle fall weather!arrow

  • Stride Right

    By Jessica Sebor   November 5 2012

    Running form guru Danny Abshire tells you how to perfect your technique to run for a lifetime.arrow

  • Facing Race Disappointment

    By Kara Deschenes   November 5 2012

    Even the best laid plans get derailed from time to time. Read tips for dealing with race disappointment.arrow