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Chew On This: Running Nutrition

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A girl can’t run on an empty stomach. But with the number of gels, powders and bars available, it’s a wonder we don’t need a course marshal to navigate the sports nutrition aisle.

Tracy Owens, owner of Triangle Nutrition Therapy, explains that when shopping for fueling supplements, runners should consider three scenarios: pre-, mid- and post-run. Before a workout, seek a snack that will curb your hunger without causing tummy upset. During a run, opt for easy-to-digest supplements containing electrolytes, sodium and carbohydrates. After you’re done, choose a treat that provides both protein and carbs to encourage proper recovery.

“It’s part science, part art,” says Owens. “How to fuel also depends on taste, stomach comfort and ease of use.” Try these new nutrition offerings and find a flavor that works for you.

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