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Runner Shaming – Reader Style!

Women's Running magazine Cover Model, Dorothy Beal (from, confesses her shame!

You may have seen our original Runner Shaming post in September (if you haven’t, make sure you check it out!) – to say it was popular is just scratching the surface! We love laughing at the funny things we encounter in our running lives and hope to inspire our readers to do the same. Help us showcase your running realities by submitting your Runner Shaming photo!

It’s simple:

-Grab a friend and some craft supplies.

-Think of the things you do before, during or after a run that you’d only admit to your girlfriends.

-Write your confession on a sign.

-Hold up the sign with your best shameful face and have your friend snap a pic.

-Send your photo to

Photos due by November 26th! Why not make it a family affair and Runner Shame after your Thanksgiving feast?

-Visit to see your confession and others in the Women’s Running Runner Shaming Gallery.

It’s that easy! With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to confess and move from naughty to nice on all the lists. Don’t wait – submit your shame today!