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Track Talk Decoded

Unfamiliar with the oval? Never fear! Learn how to speak sprinter with a few key words and phrases. . .


Intervals: The speedy segments of the workout.
Recovery:  The time or distance you walk or jog between the fast segments. Recovery allows your heart rate to come back down and prepares your body for the next interval.
Repeats: Often used interchangeably with “intervals,” these are fast segments of the workout that you repeat of the same distance. For example, six 400-meter repeats means you run 400 meters six times, recovering in between each repeat.
Split: The time it takes to complete any specified distance. Runners often use splits during a longer repeat to make sure they are on pace. For example, if you’re running one mile (four laps), you may check your split time each lap to help you maintain an even pace and stay on target.