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Recovering From A Bad Race

If you’ve ever experienced a less than stellar performance at a race, chances are you’ve felt some post race blues.


Though we can’t turn back the hands of time to call a “redo,” we can learn to cope with a bad run and rebound even stronger. Check out these tips on recovering from a bad race:

Acknowledge your emotions. It’s OK to feel let down by your performance. The important piece is to allow yourself to feel the disappointment and then move on. Talking to supportive friends and family will help release the feelings so that you can ultimately recover your focus.

Get the girls together to talk about your experience.

Learn from your mistakes. What happened to make the race bad? Was your nutrition off? Did you under train for the distance? Ask yourself reflective questions to get to the root of the problem and identify areas of improvement. Once you target the issues, develop a plan that addresses the problems.

Though we wish we could erase them- learn from race mistakes!

Focus on the positive. While this might seem hard immediately following the race, try to find the good in your experience. Remember, you had the courage to get to the start line. Find strength in knowing that while you may have had a bad race, there’s always next time.


No matter how your chose to cope with a bad run the essential part is that you run through it and continue on your path. When the going gets tough- we keep on running!

How do you deal with a bad race performance or a bad training run?