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Weather Predicting App

Sure, running in the rain can be cathartic and cleansing (no pun intended). Nothing says dedication like the drive of a runner who doesn’t let a little mist deter her workout plans. Running in drizzling rain is one thing, while a drenching downpour is another story (not to mention a potential safety hazard!).

Running in the rain can be pure bliss...just ask this wet dog!

As we enter Spring (A.K.A. the season where “April showers bring May flowers”) it can be difficult to discern the difference between clouds that signal a light rain and those screaming of an all out storm. Never fear- Women’s Running is here! We recently found an App made for runners by a runner, named Mark Hohmann.

Ourcast is FREE!

Ourcast is a handy short-term weather predicting app to help runners plan. Just choose the location where you want to run and find a minute-by-minute breakdown of the forecast for the following two hour time period. It’s great for deciding whether to head out for a run, wait a while, or take it to the treadmill.

Though there are other weather predicting apps on the market, we found Ourcast to be amazingly accurate and best of all- it’s FREE! Download Ourcast on your iPhone now:

Poll alert!  Do you enjoy running in the rain?  Why/why not?