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Sport Bra Review: Jubralee!

Did you know that in an hour of aerobic exercise, an unsupported 34D breast moves about 1,000 vertical feet? Go ahead, pick your jaws up off the floor. The good news? A solid sports bra can reduce vertical motion by roughly 450 foot, or the height of a 45 story building.


One excellent choice? Moving Comfort’s recently released Jubralee.

The "Flamingo" pink is one of our favs!

After taking Jubralee out for a test, we knew it was love at first run. Here are a few attributes we love about this bra:

  • High level of support (without creating the dreaded “uni-boob”)
  • Reduces bouncing on impact (tested on a DD runner)
  • Soft, adjustable straps to create a custom fit bra
  • Seam-free molded cups meant zero chafing or rubbing
  • Available in size 30-40 B-E; 42-44 C-DD

Bahama Blue

We found the Jubralee to run true-to-size; however it’s important to know your real measurements. Since 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size, it’s not a bad idea to have a professional measuring (most department stores offer this service for free) to confirm your exact size. Wearing the right size is key to comfort.

To find out more about Moving Comfort’s sports bra development and testing in their own biomechanics lab, watch this video:

We want to know. . .what’s your all-time favorite bra to wear on the run?