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New Mom Wins Marathon!

Imagine this- you have a baby and six weeks later run a marathon in under three hours. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Yeah, we thought so too!

This pretty much sums up Anna Bretan!

Just six weeks after giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Anna Bretan was the first female finisher of the 2012 Oakland Marathon held this past Sunday. Though slightly disappointed because her finish time of 2:57:33 was almost four minutes slower than her time last year (which, by the way, she won last year too in her marathon debut), Bretan quickly quelled any discouragement by holding her six week old daughter near the finish line.

Anna Bretan holds her six week old daughter minutes before the race start. Photo: Brant Ward / The Chronicle

Determined to run the Oakland Marathon this year after giving birth, Bretan continued running upwards of 40 miles per week (under the supervision of her doctor) until her daughter’s birthday and even ran a five mile “easy” run just hours after her delivery. As a wife, and mother of two young sons and a brand new baby girl, 27 year-old Bretan enjoys running because it is “the only time [she gets] to be by [herself].”

Anna Bretan finishes the 2012 Oakland Marathon as the first female just six week after giving birth. Photo: Brant Ward / The Chronicle

As if we needed more reasons to believe women are immensely strong, Bretan certainly embodies the epitome of fierceness. So, for today, be inspired because one of “us” accomplished something amazing. Go get ’em ladies!  

What’s the most inspiring moment you’ve seen in running?