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Hard Core Training

It’s no secret. Most women have ab envy at some point. We are human (and female after all). It’s in our nature to see a six-pack stomach and immediately compare it to our own.

Check out the abs on Shalene Flanagan, an elite runner who will represent the USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

While a toned stomach is certainly a worthy reward of core training, improving your running is a key benefit. The best part – core training requires very little in terms of time investment, but pays large dividends to your run form and efficiency.

Running with a weak core can lead to a slouched posture, especially towards the end of a run. By strengthening your core muscles (abdominals, lower back, and glutes) your posture and form will improve, which will result in more efficient running.

The more efficient your running is, the faster you run. In addition to becoming a speedy girl, you will also ward of injury because your muscles are strengthened and more capable to withstand the endurance of running. Faster times, less injuries AND a six-pack stomach- sign us up now!

Check out this quick video to see several simple core exercises for runners. Take notice of the plank – it’s more than just a fad! 🙂