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Finding A Running Coach

Go ahead- say it: I’m a runner. Feels good, doesn’t it? Want to know what feels even better?  Improving your running. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a better runner (who hasn’t?), consider hiring a run coach to help step up your training.

Think you’re too “slow” for a coach? Wrong!  Runners of any levels can benefit from  a running coach. A good coach will help you identify your running goals and streamline the path to achieving them. Whether it’s fitting a training plan into your busy schedule, experimenting with nutrition, or improving your run form, finding a running coach can help you accomplish your goals.

When looking for a running coach, it is important to do your research and find one who matches your objectives. Location, cost for services, and experience are all important elements to consider when looking for the right fit. Whether you’re looking for the cheerleader or tough love kind of coach, finding someone who will take the time to get to know what motivates you is important.  Time invested in finding the right match is well worth the outcome (seriously, maybe we’re onto something here… anyone?).

There are several ways to find a running coach:

  • Check out the Road Runners Club Of America and the USA Track & Field Association to find certified coaches near you.
  • Ask around at your local running stores.  Many stores have first-hand experience with local coaches and will be happy to help!
  • Seek a recommendation from another runner who has used a coach before.

So, now we’re curious- if you could ask a running coach anything, what would it be?  (Ask away ladies- next week we will feature answers from our contributing coaches!)