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Pint Sized Monday Motivation

We aren’t going to pretend to play Monday morning quarterback for last night’s 2012 Superbowl game. We won’t even reveal which team we were cheering for, because that defeats the purpose of this post. This post is purely dedicated to motivation; specifically, the pure determination displayed by one of the smallest attendees of the game (OK, he didn’t really attend the game, but he was the superstar in a commercial). Check out one of our favorite commercials from the big game:

Why does this commercial rock?

  • Look at the sweet kicks (AKA shoes) Mr. Quiggly is sporting.
  • Mr. Quiggly proves that one should never give up on a race. Even little guys can pull off a big victory.
  • We especially loved Mr. Quiggly’s finish line moon walk. It’s not often that a runner blows by the competition with enough time to bust out the moonwalk.
  • Finally, we don’t know how they did it, but Mr. Quiggly has a beaming smile after his victory. We don’t care if the handlers were teasing him with a hot dog behind the scenes, the smile is priceless and captures the pure joy felt after finishing a race (and kicking butt!).

So, on this Monday morning we’re using Mr. Quiggly as our motivation to run and we hope you will too!