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Leave Everything On The Pavement

It’s Wednesday. The past weekend has already faded from your memory and next weekend still seems light years away. We, here at Women’s Running, feel your pain.  In fact, we sometimes experience that same dreadful, “mid-week blues” kind of feeling. So, how do we motivate ourselves to lace up our shoes and go for a run? We seek inspiration and here’s a little dose that we’re happy to share with you:

That’s right. We’re shameless and proud of it. We pulled the “insanely cute, tiny, white, fluffy puppy” trick to bamboozle you into running today.

We dare you to go for a run and not smile when you think of running alongside this ball of cuteness.  While you’re out there, leave everything on the pavement and give it all you’ve got!  Show Wednesday who’s boss. . .