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Let’s Get Down Dawg!

If you’re like many runners, you might feel guilty about taking a day off of running. Even though your rational side knows you should integrate cross training and rest days into your training regimen, it can be hard to quiet the voice inside telling you to go for another run. The fear of loosing your fitness and stamina can cause you to feel pressured to run, run, run.

At Women’s Running magazine, we know that cross training can play a significant role in your run progress. Strengthening your core and leg muscles without enduring the pounding of your feet striking the ground, can improve your running form and performance. One cross training activity that has become extremely popular in the last several years is yoga.

Focusing on the mind, body and breathe, yoga is a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and balance training for any runner. Your back, knees and hamstrings will welcome the stretching yoga offers and breathe a sigh of relief when they realize it is a no impact exercise.

We know that our readers are our best resource, so go ahead- tell us, how has yoga helped your running?

P.S.  Check out this great resource to find a yoga studio near you!