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Why Train With Heart Rate

Ever wondered why people exercise with heart rate? This animated video answer that precise question and explains how training with heart rate provides guidance to train at the right level and get the best workout for your body – and your goals.


Full transcript: Let me tell you about heart rate training. I will start at the beginning. In 1977, we invented heart rate monitoring to help people be fitter / faster. Before then, people thought the best way to get fitter was to train as hard as they possibly could, but in fact the very best way to reach your goal — whatever it is — is to train smart. You do this by listening to your heart, so you know when to go fast and when to you slow, and that’s why people choose Polar. We not only listen to their hearts with great accuracy, but we tell them what the information means for their body. Think of your Polar training computer like a coach on your wrist monitoring your performance, storing vital feedback and interpreting the information to guide you onwards. Many people think heart rate training is just for performance athletes, but actually Polar makes heart rate training simple for everyone who exercises for a reason. You just need to choose the right type of training computer to guide you and you will get to your goal more quickly, because it will tell you the right intensity at which to train, so you never waste any time. You see, your heart is amazing. When you make it work at different intensities, different things happen. If you work your heart at 50 to 60 percent of its capacity, you improve your overall health and help your body to recover. At 60 to 70 percent, you burn fat and improve endurance, and so on. If you push your heart to the limit, and you should only do this for short bursts, you develop your maximum performance and speed. Knowing how hard to push your heart and for how long takes the guess work out of your hard work, so you will never over or under train again. And, knowing these things is what Polar does; it’s what makes us special. Because we don’t just pass on the information, we interpret that information to guide you forwards. Try it, it really is amazing!

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