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You’ll Want Yurbuds

Listen up, any of you that run with headphones. I had reached such a level of frustration with my standard headphones that I had basically given up on listening to music while training. The headphones never stayed put in my ears, proving to be more of an annoyance than an appealing accessory to my workouts. I have enough to worry about while focusing on proper form and pace – I simply can’t be bothered with constantly trying to find a sweet spot for each ear piece where it might remain secure.

I had heard of Yurbuds and seen their promotions in various endurance sports magazines, but to be honest I hadn’t paid much attention to what makes them unique. That is, until I was recently the recipient of a pair in my media credential goodie bag at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. I pulled the Yurbuds from their packaging and immediately knew I was in for a different kind of listening experience.

At first glance, my bright red Yurbuds simply look cooler than their more widely known counterparts. But aesthetics alone won’t keep them snug inside my ears – that’s where the brand’s Twist Lock technology and uber-comfortable fit come into play. With Twist Lock, Yurbuds are quickly and easily secured in place and simply will not fall out, even under strenuous workout conditions. I twisted them into my ears as instructed (the company website hosts a simple instructional video), took off running and never gave them another thought – it was as if they didn’t exist, save for the crystal clear tunes cranking through my auditory canals.

Yurbuds‘ extreme comfort comes from their ergonomic design and the use of super-soft medical grade silicone. Add to that their exceptional sound quality and sweat and water resistance, and you’ll never allow your ears near another set of headphones again.

– Holly Bennett