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Refresh Your Feet


Let’s face it: our feet are not always fresh and lovely. Especially in summertime, when flip-flops are a daily accessory and kicking around the beach or backyard barefoot is commonplace, feet can get downright filthy. Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple solution for cleaning your feet prior to strapping on your night-out sandals, or before sliding into your crisp white sheets? Or a quick method for cleaning your children’s feet before allowing them to traipse from the dirty outdoors onto your pristine carpet? What about a swift foot refresher following your lunchtime yoga class?

That’s where Fresh Feet Wipes come into play. These handy little alcohol-free wipes utilize all natural ingredients to clean your tootsies without leaving any sticky residue. Your feet will be shower-fresh with a few swipes of the soft cloth, scented with invigorating peppermint or subtly sweet peach. The convenient, re-sealable, minimalist packaging limits unnecessary materials during production, and the company has pledged 10% of their profits to organizations working to leave a positive footprint in the world. Sounds like a winning solution to me for sweat-soaked and dirt-stained heels and toes!