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Little Hotties

A few weeks ago, the temperature in Boulder dropped within a few degrees of zero. It’s not often that cold here, and everyone bundled up with extra layers, gloves and scarves. I was out to dinner out with a group of friends, and the woman sitting next to me shared her secret for keeping cozy – Little Hotties Warmers. Used most often in ski gloves and boots to keep mountain athletes toasty, the Little Hotties gave my friend an inconspicuous little pillow of warmth which she shuttled from pocket to pocket and hand to hand, unbeknownst to anyone else at the table.

I often struggle with numb fingers during my winter runs, the chill seeping through even the best of gloves, so I was thrilled for the reminder of these tiny portable heaters. Little Hotties Hand Warmers can easily be tucked into a glove or pocket to ease the icy winter chill. The Foot Warmers are also a perfect way to warm your tootsies following a few cold miles (wearing them during a run, however, is not recommended). Keep a few Little Hotties stashed with your winter running gear and you’ll likely feel much more inclined to brave the frosty roads and frozen trails.