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SKIRT vs. SHORTS – Women Runners Speak Out

As promised in this
previous post, I’ve collected a wide range of opinions on running skirts and
skorts in contrast to shorts. Some of the feedback I received expresses strong
feelings of love or hate for the general skirt trend – some attempts to clarify
the skirt/skort confusion – and some relates unique thoughts and humorous
experiences pertaining to the topic. Regardless the focus, I find these quotes
well worth sharing.

“I totally dig
running in either a skirt or a skort. There are pros and cons for both. The
skirt gives you a bit of a wedgie – it has the built-in underwear. I always
wonder when I am running up hills on the trails if I am flashing the mountain
bikers that are behind me. At least the underwear is often bright with cute
colors! The skort has built-in spandex shorts which can start to ride up your
thighs. At the end of a really long run I will have a bit of chafing from both
items. With the skort I feel a little more comfortable running the trails or
going to the gym to lift weights. The greatest part of wearing either a skirt
or a skort is having the option of looking cute and girly while kicking butt!”

“Running skirt or skort, they are both
ridiculous and should not be used whilst exercising.”  

“I’ve never run in
anything other than running shorts, but if a skirt were to appear in my running
bin, I’d give it a whirl. The skirt has an appeal to me because, as we’ve been
told, skirts are the epitome of sexy female garb. When we, as women, appear in
some of our ‘best foot forward’ moments of femininity, we often appear in
skirts: Catholic grade school = skirt; power business interview = skirt; hot
date = skirt. Given that running, for me, is an act that is far
higher on the ladder of importance than any of the aforementioned, skirt
me, please! No one ever said we couldn’t or shouldn’t look hot when
sweating out the miles.”

“I just so rarely wear a skirt that I can’t
get used to them, especially when exercising – I am too conscious of people
seeing my bottom!”

“I feel like skirts offer me a better and
more ventilated option than shorts – they are much more flattering, fun, sexy
and fashionable. Where I might not wear a mini-skirt that short in my daily life
(at 40 years old), I love wearing it when I exercise. I feel great about myself
in my skirt!”

will most likely do my next marathon in a skirt. I like the girly look,
especially in a long race when you are in such misery, it’s nice to have a
little touch of femininity!”

“I must say I have
not been game to wear my running skirt out in public. If I was going for a
group run I think I would have the confidence to wear one, but I feel exposed
on my own. Having legs that go up to my armpits, a skirt makes me feel vulnerable as a runner. Go figure – if you saw some of the
skimpy outfits we raced in during the 80’s and 90’s you would find this a
strange statement coming from me!”

“Skorts make your
legs look way better than most shorts. Also, the compression shorts (under the
skort) keep my legs from rubbing.”

“I love looking fashionable when I’m sweating, and there is no
better feeling than passing some macho man while wearing my zebra print skirt!”

“My gawd, isn’t a skort that thing I wore in
7th grade, right after gauchos went out of style?! I love my running skirts,
except they have too much fabric in the heat of the Midwest summer. And I never race in them in the rain – I may as well set sail!”

“My guess of what
a running skirt would look like is a bathing suit bottom that has a
skirt covering the brief. It would be a fun change for an avid runner, but I
think it could be distracting.  You’d
feel it ruffling around your hips, making you a bit self-conscious. A skort
look like shorts from the back, but has a panel in the front so it looks like a
skirt from the front. Skorts are just plain weird. I can’t imagine an
appropriate venue for a skort.  Maybe if
you’re a den mother for Girl Scouts on a back-country walk-about…”

 “Skorts are for golfers! Real runner gals wear